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Patriot Hall: The Long Awaited Remodel

by Allison Soliman, Editor

Picture taken by Allison Soliman, Editor

Clatsop Community College is a small school with character. We have some lovely buildings that could use a touch-up or two. Patriot Hall is one of those buildings that was in desperate need of a “touch-up”. Patriot Hall has been under remodel since 2014 and it has been a long ride. The students and faculty here on campus have been coping with this endeavor for quite sometime, and some have grown weary of whether or not this building will ever be completed. Chris Breitmeyer, the new¬†President of Clatsop Community College, says that they’re aiming to finish Patriot Hall by the first week of June. They were originally hoping to finish the project in late May or earlier, however, due to terrible winter weather, the opening had to be pushed further back. The opening of the building is completely dependent on the weather, though, the construction workers are working day and night on this project. Chris Breitmeyer was hired on as President of the college in June of 2016 and has been President of CCC ever since.

Patriot Hall is expected to be a facility dedicated to promoting “community involvement [in the school]” (President Breitmeyer)¬†and it’s to be 70% more energy efficient than the old Patriot Hall. The building now has natural cooling systems, LED lighting, and hot water circulating through the floor as a more efficient heating system, which could save a ton of money for the college and make the campus a bit more environmentally conscious.

There are also plans underway for a potential remodel/expansion on the MERTS campus for the Marine Science program in the near future. The President hopes to add another floor to the building and add some new facilities.

As President, Mr. Breitmeyer expects, in the next five years or so, to strengthen the academic environment here on campus by; creating new programs and opportunities for students to explore, promoting a more diverse student body, and adding on to foreign language studies.