Beautifully Controversial

by Allison Soliman, Editor

The Student Art Show highlights the talents of many, and acknowledges that many are working on refining their talents. On Thursday, May 18th, the art show was officially open to the public and displayed many works of art. There were powerful pieces, like #SignedByTrump by Aria Watson, there were many beautiful landscape pieces, and there were some hand-held, artsy pieces like This is Just the Beginning by Amberlyn Smith. There were many students whose pieces were not selected for the show, but were just as incredible as some of the talent displayed.

The pieces in the show varied in skill level and, according to Teri Sund, a judge for the show, that was intentional. She, along with the rest of the judges, wanted to be inclusive of all student’s skill-levels and display their pieces based on what they left behind in the piece, showing a “sense of the artist” through their work. Teri Sund wanted to get involved in our campus’ art show specifically because “great things are happening here” in the art department and it’s truly inspiring for her and aspiring artists.

Aria Watson, first place winner in Photography and Design, spoke a bit about her piece, #SignedByTrump, saying that her inspiration was the election and Donald Trump winning said election. She, like many others, was fired up and ready to speak out against Trump and did so through her powerful, and controversial, photo-series. Aria’s wasn’t the only powerful print-series, however. Ruth Bonner, third place winner in Photography and Design, spoke about being inspired by a “lack of women [being] presented as strong and not [as] objects” in mainstream media. So, because of this, she created her print-series, Women of the USCG-SA Ashcraft, to show that women are not weak objects.

One beautiful piece that stood out was from Anngelina Chasteen’s Azur Series. One of the three images in the series was selected for the show. Visually, the piece is incredible. In creating said piece, Anngelina was inspired by wanting to develop her skills as a photographer, wanting to be able to do space/night photography. She describes herself as an “artist with a camera” in that, she’s aiming to make the pictures aesthetically pleasing and visually interesting like the Azur Series. 

Here are the rest of winners of the student art show:

3D Art: David Campeshe (3rd Place), Roy Hackin (2nd Place), Being Present Marcie Philips (1st Place)

Photography and Design: Ruth Bonner- Women of the USCG-SA Ashcraft (3rd place), Brian Davidson- Cape D (2nd place), Aria Watson- #SignedByTrump (1st Place)

President’s Choice: Karen Briselle- Midnight Tsunami (1st), Linda Kister- The Storm is Brewing (2nd)

Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking: Bill Logan- River’s Edge (3rd Place), Karen Oberholser (2nd Place), Dick McGaffin (1st Place)

Art Department Award: Ashley Shocker- The Tiger

Be sure to check out all of these pieces in the Art Building on campus.

Please contact The Bandit if any names were spelled incorrectly. 

All art pieces mentioned will later be added. 


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